How to use the platform
To increase brand awareness.
For the sale of goods or services.
To inform about a new product or product.

We offer You a choice of several types of accommodation:

  1. Banner advertising. Available formats: Banner 728x90 on all pages (rotation). The places of possible placement of banners: top (on all pages) the lower part (on all pages)
  2.  Advertising articles, reviews. You can write useful material about your product or company. To put in her contact details and get customers. For private masters or installation organizations can choose the format of the master class.
  3. The location of the contact data on the page "Contacts". Become a partner site


  • All banners are accepted amount is strictly up to 100 KB.
  • Banner ads size (width x height) specified in pixels. Image resolution: 72 dpi (pixels/inch).
  • The format of graphic image (banner) - jpg, jpeg, gif, png
  • An advertising banner must have visible borders on the pages of the portal, i.e. it needs to be encircled in a frame of contrasting color not matching the background color of the pages.
  • The banner's background must not be transparent.
  • The images contained in the banner should be clear, not implying duality and not contain any visible effects.
  • The text should be legible, and not to cause ambiguity.
  • Does not accept banners with large flashing intensely graphic or textual elements and/or background, decorated in colours irritating and acrid, with sharp movements items, substantially distracting a user from interacting with the page of the site (study of the content of the page or enter a query).
  • Banners should not imitate or be similar to system alerts, dialog boxes, error messages like the browser and the operating system of the visitor advertising site. They must not contain deceptive elements of the interface (buttons, fields, and so on).


The system does not accept ads that:

  1. Declares inequality of people by sex, race, nationality, religion, social status or income.
  2. Is offensive and/or pornographic content, stimulates or induces panic to violence.
  3. Introduces user confusion, including — includes inaccurate information about the product/service, contains the standard elements of the GUI and/or web page design Program etc..

We work only on advance payment!
Payment is only via


For prior approval of advertising on the site, you must contact our Manager using the specified form

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